#14 – preview at Galerie Nouvelles Images

In November Galerie Nouvelles Images in The Hague had a preview of my “traces” project on display, together with other (recent) works in Revealing, a group show accompanied by Omar Koubaa, Toon Teeken and Joost van den Toorn.

traces view


#12 – The revolution will not die with us

wearable small

Making it wearable. Can’t wait to bring our ancestors to life, end of October in ancestor-hometown Ruse, Bulgaria with Voin de Voin. Voin Voinov, an amazing performer, artist and friend I met during this journey in search for my so called roots, invited me for a joint performance as the opening of the Sixth international biennial “The art of miniatures” in Ruse 28th of October. The performance will be based on the parallels in the history of our grandparents. Next to his own projects, Voin very actively runs an independent art space, Æther, where I will be showing the outcome of following these traces of family history somewhere in 2018.


October 27 Ruse Art Gallery (Ruse BG)

The revolution will not die with us a performance in search of parallels in our family histories, featuring Voin de Voin, his great grandmother Ana Voinova, my grandfather Panayotov Civikov and me. The apotheosis will take place October 28 as the opening of the Biennial of Miniatures (how a small gesture can be great, to fit in the theme..) in Civikov-ancestor hometown Ruse.


#11 – Ruse Family House

In June I stayed two weeks in Russe in our family house. This house is built by my great grandfather and my grandfather, father and their brothers and sisters are all born and raised in it. Except for some renovations on the roof and necessary additions like the construction of water pipes and electricity everything is pretty much in the original state and the house breathes family history.


#10 – My great grandfather’s last name was Lipnikliev

Somewhere in the twenties Panayot and his brother changed their name into Civikov. The exact reason is unknown, most likely to get out of sight of the police but it could also have started as a pseudonym for his writings. We can only guess.

On the pictures beneath you see my great grandfather Veliko Genov Lipnikliev. Born from a family of poor farmers in Lipnik, a small village near Ruse, he moved to Ruse were he got a job at the railway station. There, close to the railway next to the Donau, he started building the house where my grandfather and father were born and raised. It is still in the family. A photo report will follow in my next post.



In front of (most likely) the old railway station of Tarnevo.


Railway parallel to the Donau