With the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and The Mondriaan Fund I’m working on an art project with my grandfather, who lived most of his turbulent life in Bulgaria, as a starting point. I didn’t know him well because I grew up in The Netherlands and I never even learnt the Bulgarian language.

My grandfather was an anarchistic poet and in conflict with the communists which often brought him to prison. In the Twenties, before the communist regime was leading, he fought against and got chased by the upcoming fascism in Bulgaria. In 1936 my grandfather was convicted of publishing a “seditious” article about police violence in Sofia to two years in prison. To avoid his sentence he fled to Barcelona where he took part in the Spanish civil war against Franco. These times show many similarities with what is going on in a greater part of today’s (Western) society and I’m looking for a way to involve these parallels with the present in my work. On this blog you can follow the developments of my work and research in Bulgaria.

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This project is generously supported by the Mondriaan Fund and Stroom Den Haag